Using Ayurvedic Joint Pain Relief Oil- Does it Works?

Experiencing pain in your joints has become common nowadays, even though there are a number of helpful joint pain relief oil available. With growing age, daily stress, and unhealthy lifestyle habits, our joints and muscles become tight, sore, and painful, making them lose their swiftness, flexibility, and mobility. Thus, holding you back from spending quality time with your family, going on trips with your friends, or any other activity you love. But, this shouldn't prevent you from doing things you love when there are a plethora of remedies available to deal with the annoying pain. For the longest time, natural oils have been of great help in dealing with joint pain. The natural goodness, soothing effects, and pain-relieving properties make ayurvedic oils appreciable joint pain relief oil.

Therefore, here we will be talking about the benefits of using ayurvedic oil for joint pain while also giving an insight into the names and benefits of oils that are used in our products. 

Benefits of using joint pain relief oil for joint pain

You might be wondering why to go for ayurvedic oils when there are so many options available in the form of OTC (over-the-counter) medicines. Well, we are here to explain to you the benefits of using ayurvedic oil for joint pain that would make it your favourite alternative to ease joint pain. 

• Ayurvedic oils are a natural and much safer way of joint pain management, unlike conventional medicines, which might have some side effects. 

• Different ayurvedic oils have their unique benefits and can be used either as a blend or on their own individually. 

• Applying ayurvedic joint pain relief oil can help with improved blood circulation in the area.

• While relaxing the targeted joint or muscle pain in your body, it also has a soothing effect on your mind. 

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The ingredient list for a good joint pain relief oil

After knowing about the multiple benefits of ayurvedic oils for joint pain, it's time now to know about a few of the well-known and effective oils that are used in the making of pain relief oil by several brands. 

Alsi oil- Alsi tel, also known as linseed oil, has Alpha-Linolenic acid (ALA), which helps with the reduction of pain and swelling. 

Til oil- Made from sesame seeds, til oil is well known for its pain-reducing properties. It is a rich source of fatty acids that penetrates the skin and constrains the pain and swelling-causing substances. 

Kapoor oil- A widely used medication in Ayurveda because of its anti-bacterial properties and mild and cooling anaesthetic effects that ease joint and muscle pain. 

Pudina oil- It is made using mint leaves, which are renowned for their cooling effects. When applied to the affected area, it helps by reducing the pain prompting matter in the body. 

Gandhapura oil- It is a storehouse of methyl salicylate, which is a pain-reducing agent. 

Chid oil- It is commonly known as pine oil and is known to help reduce swelling and pain. 

Jyotishmati Tel- Made from a herb named "Malkangni" and has well-known anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties. 

Nirgundi oil- Another well-known ayurvedic joint pain relief oil that has a chemical substance "nishindine" in it which helps to relieve muscle cramps, pain, and swelling. 

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Dr. Ortho's ayurvedic joint pain relief oil

All these oils are surely a great pick to start your joint pain relief journey, but you might be thinking of a way to enjoy the benefits of all the above-mentioned ayurvedic oils at once. Dr. Ortho's ayurvedic joint pain oilmade with a blend of 8 natural herbs like Kapoor oil, Pudina oil, and Gandhapura oil, this medicinal oil is an ideal and convenient pick for joint pain relief and soothing stiff muscles. 

Its ayurvedic blend helps relieve joint discomforts naturally, without any side effects. Thus, making it a safe choice for people of all age groups. Gentle application of this on the affected area, two-three times a day can be beneficial. 

Ayurvedic oils have been in the game of joint pain relief for several years and will continue to strive due to their mighty pain-relieving abilities. However, one must understand their allergies well before trying ayurvedic products. Some people can be allergic to beneficial herbs too, like peanuts.