Fruit Facial kit For Women For a Parlour-Like Glow

What is the easiest and best way for self-pampering from the comfort of your home? If your answer involves facial at home, congratulations you are correct. Getting a facial done once a month is probably the best way to give time and care to your skin. Using a
facial kit for women helps by providing all the necessary nutrients to your face, giving it a soft, moisturised and exfoliated feel.   

You can choose from a variety of different options available in the market, but what matters the most are the ingredients. The ingredients you use can make all the difference in your face. So, make sure that you pick up the one with the most natural ingredients.  

Benefits of Facial  

Whether you are doing a facial at home or salon, one thing is for sure it will give you amazing results. Apart from making your skin healthy and glowing, other benefits of using a facial kit for women are-  

Skin Detoxification

Dirt, dust, product residues and all other impurities get accumulated in your skin's pores, making it difficult for the skin to breathe. Regular cleaning won't deep cleanse your face leading to clogged pores & breakouts. Performing a facial will effectively remove all the toxins, and dirt with its several products.   

Helps with Blackheads and Whitehead

Facial helps with cleaning of clogged pores which reduces the chances of blackheads and whiteheads, making your skin feel less bumpy and uneven.  

Improves absorption ability of skin

Using a variety of products won't work on your skin unless they get absorbed properly into the skin. Using a facial removes dirt from the deepest of your skin pores, making product application as well as absorption much easier and more effective.  

Brightens dull skin

While performing the steps facial, you tend to massage your skin which improves blood circulation in your face. This means that the blood flow will improve, and your skin cells will get a lot of oxygen and nutrients. This will make your skin brighter and rejuvenated. 

fruit facial kit


Cleanses your skin 

A good facial will thoroughly cleanse your skin. This will improve the absorption, and your skin texture and look will improve.  

How to Do Facial at Home with a superior Facial Kit for Women! 

Giving yourself a facial at home is easy and not difficult as one might think. A basic facial kit for women has 5 steps-  

Cleanse- Cleansing helps to make your skin clean which would act as a base for better performance of the rest of the products. 

Scrub- This product has a grainy texture and works to eliminate dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads from the skin.  

Massage gel- The massage gel will help to improve the blood flow in your face. 

Mask – Mask or Face Pack pulls out impurities and refines the skin pores. 

Moisturiser – Generally the last step of any facial, it calms the skin while also giving it hydration and moisturisation.  

Some facial kits might also include bleach, but it's an optional step. Applying these products, in the same manner, will give the most benefits.  

fruit facial kit for women

Roop Mantra's facial kit for women 

While there are a lot of facial kits available on the market,fruit facial kits remain the number one choice of most people. The reason is that it is easily available and effective. Roop Mantra's  Fruit facial kitis one such product available in the market that is convenient to use and has the goodness of various fruit extracts. This facial kit is suitable for all skin types and gives your skin a radiant glow without side effects.  


Using a - facial kit at home is convenient and cheaper and shows great results. But, make sure that you avoid sunlight directly after a facial. Also, avoid using any extra products and let the skin breathe.