Winter Skin Care : Ayurvedic Tips to Prevent Dry & Lifeless Skin

Are you ready for the chilling winters?

Well, you might be ready but you skin cannot be. Winters days have their own beauty but they do not do any favour to the skin. The cold and dry winds can toll on the texture of your skin by making it dull and lifeless.

Going for Ayurvedic remedies can bring a healthy result in your skin related issue whether it is chilling winters or the thorny summers. The present article is all about how to take care of skin in winter naturally. So keep reading.

Best Skin Care for Cold Weather

It becomes the priority to bring a change among the regular skincare routines with the change in seasons. Here, we are sharing some useful ayurvedic remedies to cure dull and dry winter skin.

Cleanse Your Skin with Natural Face Wash

For healthy glowing skin, cleansing is the first and important step. And, choosing the right product for your skin becomes an important task. Therefore, we would like to suggest the face wash that is prepared with natural ingredients and are beneficial for the skin.

Roop Mantra Lime and Mint Face Wash contain the goodness of lime and mint that not only clears the skin but avoid dryness.

Other than this Roop Mantra Mix Fruit Face Wash is also a mild face wash that refreshes the skin with the goodness of real fruits.

Exfoliate Once in a Week

The dead and dry skin needs to be washed off and only face wash can’t do this. Therefore, exfoliation or scrubbing shows the right results.

As scrubbing more than once in a week may lead to losing natural oils from the skin, it becomes necessary to be kind to your skin. Hence, scrubbing once in a week or in 15 days would be fair enough.

Moisturize Time and Again

For the dry skin, nothing other than moisturization can do a great job. Moisturising skin for at least twice a day can bring the desired result. Therefore, heading towards natural skin care products can show good and desired results.

Moisturize Skin

Roop Mantra Cold Cream has Shea Butter, coconut oil and Kesar. It not only moisturises your skin but also nourish it to get a healthy glow on the skin.

Don’t Forget the Sun Screen

We often take it for granted not to use sunscreen in winters thinking that moisturizing the skin with the cream and lotion would be well enough. But this is not good.

Sun Screen is a must while you are outdoor in day time whether it is summer, rainy day or winters. With the goodness of Aloe Vera, cucumber, turmeric, sandalwood, etc. Roop Mantra Sun Screen with SPF 50 is an amazing product.

Keep Hydrating Yourself

As the dry skin can be a result of lack of water level in the body, it becomes the priority to cover it. Even if you are not thirsty, try to take 7-8 glasses of water to stabilize the water level in the body.

    Go For Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

      The fresh fruits and vegetables keep the nutrition level of the body updated. The vitamins, minerals, etc. helps the body fight various diseases internally and externally. One can easily find citric fruits like oranges, amla, etc. in the winter that are best for healthy glowing skin.

      Other than this, the fresh leafy vegetables like spinach, turnip, broccoli, can also do wonders to the skin by providing essential nutrients.

      Take Away

      Natural skincare routines are affordable and more result-oriented. Therefore, choosing them to treat skin issues would be the right step for healthy and glowing skin. Try these winter skincare routine for dry skin.

        • Avoid hot water bath. Meaning thereby, taking a bath with lukewarm water would make your skin happy.
          • Make your skin least exposed to chemical loaded products.
            • You can use lemon and honey or yogurt and honey face pack to nourish and moisturize your skin.
              • Going for coconut oil massage at bedtime will not only moisturize your skin but give your skin a healthy glow.

                Hope you find this article useful. Feel free to share your experience, queries and suggestions with us in the comment section.