10 Foods That Can Help Relieve Constipation Easily!

Do you feel uncomfortable when things do not go the way you want?

Same is the case when the situation becomes quite annoying when the cycles of the body are not in the right process. Well the stomach problem like constipation can disturb anybody in life. And, it is the result of unbalanced lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, or poor body activities.

Sometimes certain medications may also lead to constipation. And no one has the time to spend in the washroom in order to clean stomach.

So, here we are sharing some of the foods that can help to make your stomach happy. The present article is about foods that help relieve constipation fast and naturally. So, let’s get started!

List of Foods to Inculcate While Constipated and Bloated

The dehydration, imbalanced lifestyle, less or no activities in day to day life, improper eating habits, illness, or any medication may lead to indigestion. This further can be analysed in the form of acidity, bloating, heaviness, constipation, vomiting like issues.

Fortunately, the underlying food items can help you relieve constipation and make you feel fresh all time.


      An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away!

      Well, Apple is a good source of dietary fiber that makes our gut strong for easy digestion. It contains soluble as well as insoluble fiber content that helps in softening the stool.

      So, for a healthy stomach and bowel movement, apple can show positive results.


          Pears are also one of the good fruits like apple to prevent constipation issue. The fiber content is rich in pears that helps in stimulating bowel movement.

          They also have good content of water level to prevent dehydration. Therefore, taking them raw or whole with the skin intact, can help you get relieve from constipation easily.


              The dried plums or prunes are good to have while constipated. It is the time-tested home remedy to keep constipation at bay. Prunes have a lot of fiber content to speed up the bowel movement. Even they provide good results in gastric issues.

                Green Vegetables

                  Vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli and leafy vegetables are good to consume while constipation. They help to increase the digestion level with many beneficial properties.

                  Green vegetables are super healthy food to maintain a healthy stomach and body. You can take them in the form of soups, stewed or cooked.

                  Beans and Lentils

                  Beans & Letensils

                    Chickpeas, beans, lentils, etc. promote digestion that reduces constipation problem. The Vitamin, Zinc, Potassium, like nutrients helps to strength the stomach and ease the stomach issues like constipation.

                      Seeds and Nuts

                        Chia Seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and Flax seeds, etc. are believed to give comfort in stomach issues.

                        As well as the nuts like almond and walnut are also fibre-filled food items to take for happy stomach.

                          Fig & Kiwi

                            Both Fig and Kiwi speed up the flow of intestine by improving the bowel movement. They have a good amount of fiber, vitamins and essential nutrients for a healthy intestine.

                            So, having them during constipation may bring good results to your stomach.

                              Citrus Fruits

                                The grapes, strawberries, oranges like citrus fruits are rich in antioxidant properties with the goodness of Vitamin C. The flavanol present in citrus fruits provides a positive result in digestion. Hence, relieves constipation.

                                    Whole Grains

                                      The fibre-rich whole grains are the best food items to relieve constipation. They are a good source of insoluble fiber that adds weight to the stool. It is a good choice for healthy bowel as it provides essential nutrients to the intestine.

                                        Water, Soups and Juices

                                          Constipation is also a result of lack of water level in the body. So, it becomes necessary to fill this -requirement with a right level of the liquid. Let it be 7-8 glasses of water daily. As well as the fresh fruit juices can also make a good choice for healthy intestine.

                                          The hot vegetable soups are also good to relieve constipation. They add moisture to the stool and makes it easier to pass by softening them.

                                          Natural Laxatives

                                          Apart from the mentioned above food items, natural laxative for constipation like Pet Saffa can help to get relief in constipation. It contains Seena Leaves, Kala Namak, Sendha Namak, Ajwain like natural ingredients that aid digestion.

                                          Foods to Avoid When Constipated

                                          Along with the details of food for constipation relief, we are sharing information for the things that should be avoided. Just have a look!

                                            Dairy Products

                                              Though the dairy products are the main source for calcium that is necessary for the body, taking them on greater level may cause constipation.

                                              So, it is advisable to reduce or avoid the consumption of milk, cheese, etc. dairy products while constipation.


                                                  We all know alcohols and smoking is injurious to health. Alcohols and narcotics contain caffeine that causes constipation. So, staying away from such dangerous things should be everyone’s priority.

                                                    Raw Banana

                                                      While banana is good for the stomach but when taken unripe or raw, it may cause constipation.

                                                        Coffee & Tea

                                                          Coffee and tea are also rich in caffeine that causes constipation. You can have green tea, lemon tea, ginger tea in order to make a strong digestive system. This will help in relieving constipation in an easy and simple way.

                                                            Processed Food

                                                              The fiber content in processed food is very less which causes constipation. And in order to make good digestive system, it is necessary to take fiber-rich diet. Hence, going for a fibrous diet plan would make a better choice.

                                                                Oily and Spicy Food

                                                                  Fast-food snacks like chips, cookies, chocolate and ice cream replace more fiber-rich snack options, such as fruits and vegetables in a person's diet. On the other hand, fast food contains extra salt content that lowers down the water content of stool.

                                                                  Eating oily, fried, spicy and fast food may also lead to face constipation like digestion issues. So, making a good choice for constipation stomach is only in your hands.


                                                                  The unpleasant digestion problem, constipation may affect anybody at any phase of life and because of several reasons.

                                                                  If you have constipation, luckily you have a smart and simple diet choice for smoother digestion.

                                                                  Start taking and avoiding the number of food items that have been mentioned in this article.

                                                                  If still, the digestion problem persists even taking precautions, it becomes mandatory to consult the healthcare experts for the lifestyle and dietary changes.


                                                                  Through our article, we try to bring a piece of information that can help you getting cure for your health issues. While making a change in your diet plans for a long time, it is necessary to take advice of health professional.