Sale Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Granules 120gm (Pack of 2) - Constipation Powder

Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Granules 120gm (Pack of 2) - Constipation Powder

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2 Boxs Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Granules 100gm + 20gm Free

Brand: Pet Saffa

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Package Includes : 2 Boxs Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Powder 120gm For Constipation Problem

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Brand Pet Saffa
Package Include 2 Boxs Pet Saffa Natural Constipation Powder 120gm
Type & Formation Powder
Container Type Box
Quantity 120gm + 120gm
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About Ayurvedic Pet Saffa Constipation Powder
Pet Saffa, Natural Laxative Granules is very effective in relieving from gastro-intestinal discomforts constipation, forms regular bowels, helps in stool formation & promote increased stool pass along with reduced flatulence & bloating.
Apply 5 ml to 10 ml or more depending upon the part affected with Pain. To be gently massaged twice a day or as directed by the physician. It is advised to warm a small portion of oil before application.
Is Pet Saffa Constipation Powder Good for Your Constipation?
Pet Saffa, Natural Laxative Granules is the Ayurvedic based formulation to help in maintaining regular bowel movements to ensure proper cleansing of the body. Ayurvedic Pet Saffa is developed under stringent quality parameter with scientifically woven classical formulation to help in relieving from constipation. The Pet Saffa is well balanced with fibrous contents such as Ispaghula (Plantago ovate). Pet Saffa is purely endorsed with natural ingredients which does not alter the natural composition of our digestive system and reveals with astonishing results in relieving form gastro-intestinal discomforts with long lasting effects and are very helpful in relieving from constipation.
An Ayurvedic Laxative Formula - Pet Saffa
Pet Saffa Natural Granules are vested with natural ingredients of carminative herbs which are described as Rasayana in Ayurveda. The herbs used in formulations are gentle to the walls of organs, does not produce any severity & complications. Pet Saffa is all natural enriched with goodness of 11 herbs to alleviate the vitiated dosha such as
  •  Senna a proven herb to treat constipation.
  •  Ajwain an effective herb to induce gastro-intestinal juices.
  •  Ispaghula to increase fecal volume for smooth passing of stool.
  •  Triphala a natural cleanser to rejuvenate digestive organs for more secretions.
  •  Bellirica & Emblica officinalis provide anti-oxidants to remove toxic substances from the intestine.
  •  Svarjiksara acts as antacid to relieve from heart burn.
  •  Haritaki it is a natural laxative to helps in relieving from constipation.
  •  Amaltash it contains hepato-protective properties & helps in relieving from indigestion & abdominal gas.
  •  Saunf it is purgative (strong laxative) & hepato-protective herbs and enriched with numbers of minerals to sooth the intestinal walls to promote efficient functioning.
  •  Sonth it is a digestive, carminative herb to promote digestive fire within the body to speed up the digestion process.
  •  Nisot a natural digestive herb to help in relieving from constipation and effective over fatty liver, effective in abdominal pain, bloating & gas.
  •  Jeera is very beneficial in relieving from pain aroused due to flatulence, bloating & gas.
  •  Castor Oil is all natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herb to protect from gastro-intestinal infections.
Feature & Benefits Of Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Constipation Powder
Pet Saffa, Natural Laxative Granules is an ‘Ayurvedic Miracle’ to benefits in gastro-intestinal health through holistic approach. In other way it is an Ayurvedic Rasayan to naturally clean the intestinal walls to promote more absorption of nutrients from the food and effectively pass out the stool. The presence of natural anti-oxidants rejuvenates the cell walls to secret more enzymes & juices to effectively catabolize the ingested foods.
How To Use Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Constipation Powder
One or two tea spoon (5g-10g) with warm water (approx 200 ml) at bed time or as directed by the physician.
Why Pet Saffa For Constipation Problem
  • Purely Ayurvedic : Enriched with Ayurvedic Rasayan to flourish digestive system with essential nutrients to relieve from constipation.
  •  Safe & Effective : Herbs used in the formulation provides broad spectrum results without any side effects & adversities.
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Product Includes
Product Includes 2 Boxs Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Granules 100gm + 20gm Free

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